Science fiction or fantasy?

A gaming miniature standing between two books, one fantasy and one sci-fi
For some reason, these two genres are always placed together. There’s not a great deal that actually connects them, though. One envisions possible futures, things that might be. The other deliberately looks beyonds the bounds of even potential reality.
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The emotional connection of the 1980s

A gaming miniature figurine standing on a vinyl record of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Two Tribes'
The 1980s maintains a strong hold on our culture. It’s reminisced about, idealized, dramatized, and remembered in fiction and in documentaries. Why does it have such a strong emotional hold?
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Drama, familiarity, and repetition

A gaming miniature figure standing on top of a picture of Shakespeare
What makes something dramatic? It is less a case that some things are inherently dramatic, and more that drama stems from unfamiliarity, shock, or strangeness. Variety is dramatic.
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Thoughts on cyberpunk

An athletic looking gaming miniature, with pink hair, standing on a Tim Doyle art piece of Blade Runner
Reflections on what cyberpunk stories written today are supposed to look like. When the real world replicates the dystopian visions of 1980s cyberpunk fiction, what does the genre do today?
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Game of Thrones, S08E06 review

Not as stupid as last week! Symbology. More symbology. Bludgeoned into your head. Glad that dragon thing wasn’t an issue. Can be summarized in memes. Yaaas, queen.
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