Growing things

A miniature of a Warhammer 40k cultist, standing on a trowel, in front of a mint plant
I was already developing a gardening hobby pre-pandemic. But during this lockdown period, I’ve really learned some more of the mental and physical benefits of growing things.
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Why taxation can be good

A miniature of a Warhammer 40k Necron standing on a W2 form
The conservative lie is that public spending is bad, and taxation is bad. The reality is that spending tax revenue is an investment in the improvement of society. Something with moral benefits, but also lasting economic ones.
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A story of a shipwreck

A miniature figure waving a gun and a chainsword, in front of a pewter goblet with a squid shaped handle
Cast adrift from their ship somehow, three crewmates seek succour. Perhaps a nearby island will bring shelter, and new discoveries.
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Do pandemics in fiction still work?

A small roleplaying miniature placed on a full-sized facemask
We’re living in a global pandemic. And pandemics, plagues, and apocalypses have always been part of our fiction. Entertainment might need to change the way it portrays those events, to adjust to our new sense of vulnerability.
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Oligarchy or corporate control?

A gaming miniature with a shield and a gun, standing on Canadian, Chinese, and British banknotes
In the 1920s and 1930s the US reacted to break up the monopoly and oligopoly of the “robber barons”. The government had the will, and the public backing, to make changes necessary to protect from corporate dominance. That will doesn’t exist any more.
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