A story of a shipwreck

A miniature figure waving a gun and a chainsword, in front of a pewter goblet with a squid shaped handle
Cast adrift from their ship somehow, three crewmates seek succour. Perhaps a nearby island will bring shelter, and new discoveries.
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Do pandemics in fiction still work?

A small roleplaying miniature placed on a full-sized facemask
We’re living in a global pandemic. And pandemics, plagues, and apocalypses have always been part of our fiction. Entertainment might need to change the way it portrays those events, to adjust to our new sense of vulnerability.
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Science fiction or fantasy?

A gaming miniature standing between two books, one fantasy and one sci-fi
For some reason, these two genres are always placed together. There’s not a great deal that actually connects them, though. One envisions possible futures, things that might be. The other deliberately looks beyonds the bounds of even potential reality.
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Thoughts on cyberpunk

An athletic looking gaming miniature, with pink hair, standing on a Tim Doyle art piece of Blade Runner
Reflections on what cyberpunk stories written today are supposed to look like. When the real world replicates the dystopian visions of 1980s cyberpunk fiction, what does the genre do today?
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