I’m not sure what a cyberpunk story written today might look like. In many ways, the world is actually following the corporate dystopian path that cyberpunk predicted. but cyberpunk itself seems to be a genre that also has a feel very much of its time.

The plutocracy of today is far more sanitized, and looked on with general complacency, than anything envisioned by Gibson or Stephenson. Although…some of that is probably exaggerated because the protagonists in any cyberpunk story tend to be rebelling against an establishment.

Perhaps better, more modern, models of cyberpunk are the likes of the Takesh Kitano stories, or The Unincorporated Man. Those have a little more of the sanitized, attractive, sides of consumer culture. The “background crowd” of such stories aren’t the powerless dispossessed of The Sprawl, they’re contented victims.