Introduction to Thoughts and Rants

March 11, 2019

At one minute past midnight this New Year’s Day, I deleted my Facebook account. For the few weeks before I deleted my account I posted regular warnings. I wanted to let anyone who was interested in keeping in touch have the chance to reach out.

What a lot of people said was “where are we going to be able to read your rants?” My Facebook was always kind of a stream of consciousness. I’d talk politics, culture, entertainment, more politics, and hate-watch Game of Thrones. I hadn’t quite realized how many people enjoyed it that much, though!

Anyhow, that also coincided with me getting back to getting my hands dirty as a developer. You can read my more professionally focused writing, at But I definitely wanted an outlet for more personal writing, too.

I’m not going to write articles about work, or coding, or technology here. I might cross-link to my other site. And I’ll probably use this site for experimentation in design and development ideas. But that’s not the focus of this blog.

This blog is for me to write about the things I like, or the things that make me angry. I’m not thinking about any particular audience. I used Facebook as an outlet to get out thoughts that I had and wanted to release. Having left Facebook, that’s what I’ll do here. If anyone else happens to find it interesting or enjoyable, great!

Finally, Ariel Rey doesn’t need to bug me any more about where I’m going to rant online! Other people, too, but Ariel asked me the most!

Robin Cannon

Random thoughts on culture, entertainment, politics, and the world today. for my more professionally-focused writing. @shinytoyrobots on Twitter.