Happy Brexit Day, Everyone

March 29, 2019

And so, today, Britain failed to complete the act of national self-harm that is Brexit. Though, in doing so, it pursues a greater self-harm and has made itself a laughing-stock. The people who have been most responsible for Brexit delays, and the possibility Brexit may not even happen, are the ones who claim to be the most dedicated leavers. And so, Britain didn’t leave the EU today. Happy Brexit Day!

Yes, it’s the fantasists of the “European Research Group”. They don’t like Europe, they don’t do any research, and…after today’s vote…they’re not even a group.

Brexit was stupid from the start. In 2015, David Cameron promised a referendum to shore up the more bigoted wing of the Conservative Party. It would stop them voting UKIP in the General Election. All the polling said that the election would see the Tories in coalition with the Liberal Democrats again. And the Lib Dems would nix the referendum on the basis that they were pro-European, and also that it was a dumb idea.

Except the Tories won outright, and the Lib Dems got crushed, and so there was no-one to stop the referendum. Which went ahead, and the leave vote won based on lies and corruption (highlighted today when Leave.EU abandoned their appeal against a fine for illegal spending). And it also won because everyone was pissed with politics in general, and a referendum on “do you want change, or the same?” usually leans toward change.

Stupidly self-harming though it was, there were ways to subsequently have arrived at some kind of saner Brexit. There has been a cross-party parliamentary majority that could have voted through a “soft” Brexit. But the Conservative Party has always had its super-Brexiteers. The Eurosceptics who are so delusional that they think that all we had to do was puff out our chests and talk English loudly and eventually the EU27 would crumble and give us everything they want. That’s the ERG.

Those are the same people who now say they want a no-deal Brexit. They don’t give a fuck that millions of people, the same people they deceived to vote for Brexit, will be hurt. Or that Britain will take decades to recover economically, if it ever does. They want the purity of a fake British…really English…nationalism. They hark back to an Empire that now only exists in their dreams.

And Theresa May, more interested in trying to maintain the unity of her party than to do what was best for Britain, has tried to cater to their whims. But, like every appeaser, she’s found that all it does is encourage them to demand more. No Brexit deal was good enough for these supposed arch-Brexiters. Nothing but Europe bowing down to thank us for “saving them” during the war and acknowledging British superiority in all things. i.e. nothing achievable in anything approaching reality.

These ERG idiots (or “Spartans” as they laughably call themselves) deny any sane version of Breixt. In doing so, they threaten the only thing they say they want - Brexit itself. And it would serve them right. Brexit is nothing but harmful for Britain, and the no-deal Brexit they demand would be the most harmful of all the options. They have proven they don’t really want Brexit, they want to be able to claim “betrayal” while they fight each other over a chance to be Prime Minister.

While they place self-interest over party, and even further over country, we’re two weeks away from no-deal. The country is taking the kinds of precautions; stockpiling food and medicine, mobilizing the military, that you take to be ready for an uncontrollable natural disaster. Not an entirely self-inflicted political disaster.

These selfish throwback little Englanders threaten Britain in the worst way. But I hope, that in pushing for the extreme out of self interest, that they might find they don’t get anything they want at all. That would be better for the country, and hopefully leave Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg, David Davies, and all the rest of them, to the ridicule they so richly deserve.

Robin Cannon

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